Small animal boarding

Small animal boarding

We have cages, pens, hutches and runs available to be booked for a variety of small animals. We also have spaces available for rats, hamsters, mice and gerbils that come in their own cages. For those utilising our rabbit or guinea pig accommodation, we provide hides, toys, fresh vegetables and high-quality timothy hay. 

Luxury rabbit accommodation

For rabbits, we have large indoor and outdoor accommodation available with plenty of cosy hides and toys. 

Luxury guinea pig accommodation

We have multiple 2×4 C&C cages available for guinea pigs.

Additional information

We do not board cats and dogs however we are happy to point you towards a local licensed boarder if you send us a message. 

The pricing for boarding is:

1-2 Guinea pigs £8 per day

1-2 Rabbits £10 per day

Other small animals £6 per day (in a cage provided by client)

Please note that we can only board rabbits that are up to date on both of their vaccinations. This means they need to have had Nobivac and Filavac or the new Nobivac Plus vaccine. If you have any questions about this please send us a message.

Our drop off and collection times are usually between 9-10.30 am and 4-6.45 pm however these times may differ. Once you have dates booked in we will contact you at least a day before arrival to schedule drop off times and to send our full address. 

What to expect before arrival?

A few days before arrival, we will message you to confirm drop-off times and your remaining balance. For guinea pig and rabbit owners, we will also send photos of the pen set up and ready for your pet’s arrival. 

What to expect at the drop-off?

Drop-offs are done at our front door and we do not allow clients inside. We will then give information on when we will send updates and confirm pick-up times. 

To enquire about dates or to book, fill in the form below and we will contact you via email as soon as possible.